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Ponte del Garbo

According to tradition, the bridge was called “ del garbo= courtesy” following the victorious battle of Montaperti in 1260, where the Asciano troops excelled especially in virtue and courage along the Sienese troops. According to other theories; the term could indicate some precious material (algarve) used by well off citizens , or it could refer to the structure of the bridge itself, as a matter of fact realized with courtesy.

Whatever the truth is, the existence of the bridge over the Ombrone River had been documented since the XIIIth century. Throughout the ages quite a few reconstructions, caused by the destructive nature of man, have been recorded. As a matter of fact the last reconstruction dates back to the 40s, following the detonation of the bridge by the retreating Germany Army.

Nowadays it’s made up by a single large arch under which flows the river, and in the centre stands a niche dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Luciano Francini, Stefano Roncucci


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